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Strategic Plan

The Y has an ambitious strategic plan outlining its mission, core values and three areas of focus – youth development, healthy living and social responsibility – that will guide our association for the foreseeable future. The plan also details objectives we plan to achieve during the next five years, as well as the strategies we will use to reach these goals. Please take a look.   YMCA Strategic Plan

About the Board

The Board of Directors is a rotating group of about 20 community volunteers (YMCA members and non-members) that meets monthly to oversee the Y’s activities. Operating under a set of bylaws, which the Board reviews annually, the Board collectively:

  • envisions and develops a strategy for the YMCA’s future
  • oversees the policies of the YMCA and how it operates — particularly with regard to finances, expansion and facility management
  • has a fiduciary responsibility to help the YMCA maintain fiscal health

Board meetings

Board meetings are open to the public with the following conditions, as determined by the Board of Directors:

  • No cameras, recording devices
  • If guests wish to provide input or ask for discussion there will be time only during the first 15 minutes of the meeting and they can observe during the remainder of the meeting
  • Meetings will be closed for discussion of the following items, as defined by the Board or Directors:
    • Contracts, Acquisition or Sale of Land or Real Property, Personnel issues, legal matters or Philanthropy discussions
  •  Current Board Meeting Schedule

Board Meeting Agendas & Materials

 September 25 2013Agenda
 September 25 2013 Materials
 October 23 2013 Materials
 November 21 2013 Materials
December 18, 2013 Agenda
December 18, 2013 Materials
January 22, 2014 Agenda
January 22, 2014 Materials
February 26, 2014 Agenda
February 26, 2014 Materials
March 26, 2014 Agenda
March 26, 2014 Materials
April 23, 2014 Agenda



Board membership

The Board strives to maintain a diverse membership that represents a cross-section of the Chapel Hill-Carrboro and Chatham County communities, including YMCA members, non-YMCA members, local businesspersons, UNC representatives, local school districts, community groups and others.

Each fall, the Board announces how many open seats need to be filled during the upcoming year and opens the application process to the public. A written application is required to be considered for Board membership. All are welcome to apply. Basic “requirements” include:

  • enthusiastic advocacy of the YMCA, its mission and services
  • commitment and ability to attend all Board meetings and selected committee meetings
  • willingness and ability to engage in open, frank discussion with Board members, staff and others as needed to accomplish both the Board’s and the YMCA’s goals

Board Committees

There are several standing or ad hoc committees designated by the Board’s Executive Committee that address specific areas of the YMCA:

• Board Development
• Executive
• Finance
• Fundraising and Development
• Diversity

Occasionally, the Board Chair or Executive Committee may request the creation of an “ad hoc” committee that exists only for a short time, and only for a specified purpose. Committees generally meet monthly, and report to the whole Board at the monthly Board meetings.

Participation on Board Committees is open to all. If you are interested in being on a committee, please send an email to boardofdirectors@chcymca.org.

Contact us

If you have questions or concerns to share with the YMCA Board, or if you would like to receive Board meeting minutes, please send us an email at boardofdirectors@chcymca.org. You can also access contact information for individual board members here.

Current Chapel Hill – Carrboro YMCA Board of Directors

Martha Aldridge, Financial Advisor
Allen Baddour, Superior Court Judge
Meg Branson, Chapel Hill-Carrboro Chamber of Commerce
Rich Dlesk, Local Business Owner
Cathy Dowell-Vickers, Local Business Owner
Jim Evans, Harrington Bank
Aaron Freeman, Redeye
Tracye Giles, SAS
Susan Greene, SPG Associates
Dabney Grinnan, Dr. Greg Ruff, M.D.
Ed Holub, Global Source
Julie Jennings, Local Business Owner
Kathy Martyn, MEY Corporation
Steve Scroggs, Retired, Chapel Hill-Carrboro Public School
Ken Weiss, UNC Music Department
Sandy Wong






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