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About the Board

The Chapel Hill YMCA will develop a Board of Advisors, made up of 18 – 27 volunteers. This group focuses on community engagement, advocacy and the YMCA’s Annual We Build People Campaign. This group will not bear any fiduciary responsibility or governance.

The Chatham County YMCA will create a separate Board of Advisors, made up of 18-27 volunteers. This group will focus on community engagement, advocacy and the YMCA’s Annual We Build People Campaign supporting programs in that community.

Board meetings

Board meetings are open to the public with the following conditions, as determined by the Board of Directors:

  • No cameras, recording devices
  • If guests wish to provide input or ask for discussion there will be time only during the first 15 minutes of the meeting and they can observe during the remainder of the meeting
  • Meetings will be closed for discussion of the following items, as defined by the Board or Directors:
    • Contracts, Acquisition or Sale of Land or Real Property, Personnel issues, legal matters or Philanthropy discussions

Board Committees

There are several standing or ad hoc committees designated by the Board’s Executive Committee that address specific areas of the YMCA:

• Board Development
• Executive
• Finance
• Fundraising and Development
• Diversity

Occasionally, the Board Chair or Executive Committee may request the creation of an “ad hoc” committee that exists only for a short time, and only for a specified purpose. Committees generally meet monthly, and report to the whole Board at the monthly Board meetings.

Contact us

If you have questions or concerns to share with the YMCA Board, or if you would like to receive Board meeting minutes, please send us an email at boardofdirectors@chcymca.org 

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